Friday, 19 April 2013

Leavers Ball, what now?

Today was the last chance to purchase tickets, and like advertised the deadline has reached and you are no longer able to get tickets. So if you have paid for yours or still need one here is a post deadline update to answer some questions you might have.

So then, you have paid for your ticket and wondering where it actually is? If you have paid for your ticket you should of received a receipt of payment when buying it or receive it via your tutor group. This was just to give you and us piece of mind that you have paid. And actually is not your ticket.
Tickets will now be in the process of printing. We are making each ticket individual to the holder so that's why we needed names first. Then we'll be posting them out to your address registered with the college along with other information. So keep on eye out for your mail for your ticket.
IF you are happy for just to collect it from the ASC Point just pop along and ask the Student Council member their, we are happy to accommodate that as well if your not to bothered about fancy posting.

What about if you don't have a ticket. Well really we would hope you would by now and the deadline has passed. BUT if you feel that you still should go and were unable to meet the deadline for some reason then we'll be more than welcome to hear your case and try to still get you to the Leavers Ball. If you feel like that's you then visit the ASC Point for help or e-mail

So until now and the 24th of May, good luck in exams or revision and get ready for the best night of 2013!