Friday, 3 May 2013

Student Voice Conference

Today, Aquinas Student Council welcomed other council representatives from Priestley College, Ashton Sixth Form, Holy Cross College, and Salford City College to the annual Student Voice Conference at Aquinas College.

Members from the Student Councils of Aquinas, Holy Cross, Priestley and Salford joined staff and delegates from Ashton, Aquinas and Nottinghan Trent Students Union

Many items were discussed, but the main points on the agenda were;
  • Liaising with Staff
  • Marketing
  • Student Leadership
  • Events
  • Elections
After a tour of the building, and a spot of lunch, representatives from each student council attended working groups on each of these topics, in order to discuss the different ways different councils deal with these issues. I attended the marketing group, and discussed social advertising, print media design, and the future of the Student Voice Conference. I can't speak for the other colleges in attendance, but I can say that not only have we taught them how we operate as an effective council, we have learned from them the different ways of operating, and the benefits and drawbacks that these bring.

Jake Mairs from Nottinghan Trent Students Union spoke about the change from FE Unions to HE Unions

"Bettering the Student Experience"
After the working groups met back up around two o'clock, the four colleges met up in the lecture theatre to listen to a seminar on the mission of student councils by Scott Thomas, where we discussed how to make a student council more effective, to engage with the student body, and to develop a strong mission statement that conveys the aims and goals of the council.
Memebers from other Student Councils spoke about their work

After a brief message from our Lay Chaplain, Duncan, (Andy Bailey was preoccupied!) and a Q and A session, the representatives and staff departed Aquinas for their home colleges, and left us with a lot to think about!