Friday, 23 November 2012

Special Report: Equality & Diversity Week

Equality & Diversity Week 2012 was held in the Week Commencing November 5th. Students took part in a wide range of activities from tutorial materials to ethics lessons covering Equality & Diversity.

The Student Council takes an active role in the week along with the Equality & Diversity Working Group. This year Brian Smith-Walters led the Assembly on Homophobia and the wider issue of bullying in powerful and moving assemblies, which were well received by all students. Student President Natalia Dawson and Vice President filmed their Equality & Diversity Message showing the Student Council's continued commitment to Equality & Diversity.
Of course the Student Council has tremendous fun whilst filming these videos and it wouldn't be complete without the Bloopers from these videos.
Finally we would like the thank all those who took part in helping make Equality & Diversity Week 2012 a success.

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