Thursday, 25 October 2012

Aquinas wins Screen Stockport 2012!

Aquinas Film Makers dominated the running order at Screen Stockport as they showed the talent inside Aquinas to the North West Film industry.

Last week saw Screen Stockport. A key date in any independentfilm makers North West calendar. Screen Stockport is a independent film & televisionfestival based in Stockport. As such all films entered are from Stockport andfurther afield. And I am glad to say we don’t have to travel far to seek thebest film making talent in Stockport, as it’s all in Aquinas College.

Aquinas students filled the plaza on Friday for student dayat Screen Stockport. Some of the audience were more excited as they had filmsin the running to win. Straight away it was a success story! 7 Aquinas Collegefilms crammed the running order for College & Schools category. This wasalmost twice of the other colleges and schools in the area.

Joshua Ost, Director of Communications for the StudentCouncil who attended the event said:
“All films were ofhigh quality and entertaining to watch, in fact its inspired me to think moreabout the work behind some of these films you see”

After all films were shown it was time to hand out theawards. Three possible awards were achievable. 2 runners up prizes and theoverall winner. Students held their breath as the names were announced. GladlyAquinas students were not disappointed! 2 awards were given to Aquinas Films.

 RUNNERS UP: Richard Battaglia  - 'Digging for Oil' a comedy short filmtelling the odd story of an Aquinas student in his quest to achieve at FilmStudies in Aquinas. 

OVERALL WINNERSOF SCREEN STOCKPORT 2012 COLLEGE & SCHOOLS AWARD: Tom Walters - 'Winnie the Pooh a spoof trailer for a all out actionthriller based on Winnie to Pooh characters.

The news broke first to Aquinas Students back at College viathe Student Council twitter. On hearing the fantastic news Vice President ScottThomas said:
“Congratulations tothe winners Richard Battaglia, Tom Walters and other Aquinas Students. It is atestament to their skills and hard work put into the project and they should beproud of their achievements.”

Back at the Plaza Aquinas Students applauded and cheered asthe winners collected there prizes from the stage!

“Congrats to the two Aquinasfilm makers who came runner up and overall winner, they've done the wholecollege proud and shown us what students are capable of!”
President Harriet Wicks reaching out here appreciation tothe winners.

However that was not only the Aquinas talent of show at thefestival. The entire festival was organised by a former Aquinas College studentJoe Barett.

“The winners should beproud of what they have achieved. I think this could make Aquinas a recognised placefor people to create and make their mark in the creative industry!”
Joshua Ost, Director of communications who is in charge ofcreative output in the Student Council.

“Huge congratulations to the students who's amazing talent and hard work has won them too prizes at the film festival, it really goes to show how amazing the colleges talent is and we are all extremely proud!”
President Natalia Dawson finally giving her personal view of the achievement.

It’s now believed that talks are under way within the Student Council on how they can reward students who won this award. And it has also highlighted the need for the college to allow students the access to film making facilities.

In the meantime the Aquinas Student Council as a whole wouldlike to congratulate those who have achieved at this year’s festival. You haveinspired students of today and tomorrow on how they can achieve themselves. 


Joe McGrath (Voidence) 

Dan Ollerhead (Near Life Experience)

Andrew Espley (Phil)

Andrew Golden (Another Man)

Tom Barratt (They Came from Outer Space) (We could not find the link to this film)

We would like to Thank Aquinas Film Department for there help in this article.
To find out more about Screen Stockport click here

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