Friday, 12 October 2012

Special report: Euroweek

In all honesty I can say that Euroweek has been the best experience that I have ever done with Aquinas College.
Meeting many different people from across the European Union in a fusion of language, culture, food and of course dancing compares to no other exchange offered. Setting out to the Czech Republic it hits you that you are not only representing Aquinas, but also the UK. Our first day donning numerous Union Jacks we flew the flag for Britain throughout the Opening Ceremony and Parade. Without boring you with all the details the Team experienced traditional dances form across Europe, our favourites being Austria with their Lederhosen! Visits to Prague, Pilsner Urquell’s brewery, castles, water hammers, parties, debates, international buffets and more have all helped shape the teams views and opinion of Europe, what it stands for, and crucially the peoples of Europe.

Many of us will never forget the people we met reaching far and wide from the Netherlands to Austria to Slovakia and Estonia. If I can leave one message with the students of Aquinas it would be to seize the Euroweek opportunity whilst you can! It is well worth it and the memories you will treasure for a life time.
Report written by
Scott Thomas, Vice President

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