Sunday, 15 September 2013

Leavers' Ball update update!

This week, Rachel, Ciara, Sally and I have been scouting round possible venues for your Leavers' Ball next May, and, while I can't reveal anything until the vote on Tuesday, I can let you know where we've been looking:

The Midland

The front facade of the Midland Hotel
This is where we had the Leavers' Ball last year; an amazing Grade II* building, The Midland is a 4-Star hotel, and can accommodate around 450 guests in its spacious Alexandra Suite. As we enter from Peter Street, we will receive a full red carpet experience in the enormous entrance hall, and will be taken to our exclusive bar, where we will have the opportunity to take photos, socialise, and enjoy a free welcome drink. We will then be shown into the Alexandra Suite itself, where we will have exclusive access to the room, as well as the large dancefloor and another fully-stocked bar just off to the side.
There will then be a sweep dinner service, lasting around 1 1/2 hours, after which, the bar will reopen, and we will have exclusive access to both until 1 o'clock.
We visited The Midland on Friday this week, taking pictures as we went, some of these will be posted on here, and some will be available later on, and all should be posted on the Facebook page later this week.

The Palace

The Grand Room can accommodate 500 guests easily
Described as "one of the most prestigious and expensive buildings in Manchester," the Palace Hotel is another Grade II* building, and can accommodate up to 500 guests in its Grand Room. As we enter the building from Oxford Road, we will be treated to a full 'Red Carpet Experience' complete with paparazzo, and will be taken down into the huge Grand Room, which we will have exclusive access to, along with its fully stocked bar (make sure you bring ID!) We will then be given time to take in the room, find our seats, and take photos, before the three-course dinner service, which usually lasts 1 1/2 hours.
After dinner, we'll be able to enjoy the large dancefloor and resident DJ until 12, when we will be served a 'Midnight Snack' consisting of a bacon roll, pizza, or anything else we choose, and will then have the room until 2, when we can then go out into Central Manchester, or head back up to the Tempus Bar,which stays open for another 2 hours, and we may be sharing it with other guests.
We visited the Palace on Thursday this week, taking lots of notes and pictures as we went, some of these will be posted on here, and some will be available later on.

The Hilton

We have not yet been able to view the Hilton, and so we cannot give any details about the room, service, or extras. We will hopefully be able to get a chance to look around before the end of the month, and as soon as we do the details will be posted up on here.

Edit - We are visiting the Hilton Hotel tonight (Monday 23rd) and will post our impressions here sometime tomorrow

Keep checking here for more updates as they become available, and be sure to vote for your favourite venue on the right!