Friday, 1 March 2013

Celebrating Fairtrade fortnight in Aquinas!

We are in the middle of Fairtrade fortnight and once again the Aquinas Student Council is more than pleased to offer its support to such an amazing organisation.

Gerardo Camacho, coffee farmer, Coocafe
Fairtrade is about giving everyone involed in the production of 1000's of consumer goods a fair price.

Aquinas College has recently been very activie in placing that principle within our college. And the Student Council was key in placing that in action. Steps we took as a joint student body made Aquinas College an offical Fairtrade college.

Since then the branch within the Student Council who worked to make this happen have left the Council to form it's own inderpendent committe in keeping Fairtrade alive in Aquinas. However never the less the Student Council is key in keeping the message relevent and active.

So over the next week why not swap to Fairtrade, just look out for the Fairtrade Mark on products in College and outside.

And also keep and eye out for some exciting events happening around college. You can have a look at the Colleges dedicated team for Fairtrade on Twitter here:

Also take a look at the Fairtrade Stragey online here

Have a great Fairtrade fortnight!