Friday, 22 February 2013

Changing the way we communicate

Over the past year the Student Council has been going under some dramatic and deep changes in how we operate. And over the year we have worked hard to make sure our fellow students are kept openly informed and updated, with chance to comment and provide feedback.

This has been archived by establishing ourselves and twitter and Facebook both have allowed us to keep all of what we do in your news feeds.

We have also created this blog, the place in which news is posted along with event information and more.

Video has also been a tool in how we share our content. Our You Tube channel has had over 700+ views and allowed us to present information quickly in a more modern fashion.

As you may know the council is changing, a new team lead by the new presidents are leading. And as such we hope to keep our positive culture of communication strong, if not stronger as we look ahead to new ways, including web apps for mobiles and more.

So watch this space as the Student Council continues to be a even better asset for students!

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