Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Getting your NUS Extra card


This week you have all bee given a great little fold out card about NUS Extra. So this blog post is tell you how you can get your own NUS Extra card.

Its really simple to get your NUS Extra card. So before we begin, make sure you have this:
Be next to a computer with a debt or credit card ready (or use pay pal)
Be a full time Aquinas Student
Have a digital photo of you which can be used on a card (like your passport photo)

Here are the steps to get an NUS Extra card

  1. Get onto the Internet (pretty simple)
  2. go to www.nus.org.uk/nus-extra
  3. Click onto the banner which says buy your card now
  4. You will be taken to a new website in which your process starts
  5. Register for a new NUS account
  6. Follow the on screen instructions.
Once you have finished that you will be sent a confirmation e-mail from NUS saying when your card will be delivered to College (usually takes a week)

Then you will receive a text from Aquinas when your card is ready to be picked up from Student Information or the A.S.C Point*

Collect it and you have your NUS Extra card! Now you can get discounts at loads of places on and off the high street.

If your still stuck speak to an Aquinas Student Council member who can help you, you can find one at the A.S.C Point from 11am-2pm daily.

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