Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Aquinas Day is on it's way!

#AquinasDay is coming next Tuesday, and the timetable for the day has been completed.

We celebrate Aquinas Day around this time every year, on the 28th January, the traditional feast day of St. Thomas Aquinas. Aquinas was the patron saint of students, and this college's namesake.

On January 28th, we will be off timetable for periods 3-6, and there will be many activities on offer through the Main Street, including University Challenge, an open mic event, and THE BULL. The timetable for the day will be as follows:

Periods 1 and 2 will be as normal
At 10:50, Lower Sixth will go on break as usual, and Upper Sixth will go to form
At 11:15, Lower Sixth will go to form
At 11:30, there will be an Aquinas Day assembly in the Sports Hall by Duncan
At 12:00, Aquinas Day proper will begin, with activities and stalls all along the ground floor, and the Main Street will be renamed Market Street for the day
At 12:30, THE BULL is scheduled to arrive, and will be in the lecture theatre until 2:30
At 13:15, there will vbe a mass in the chapel
At 14:00, the final of University Challenge will be held in G4, everyone is welcome to come and watch
At 15:00, everyone will make their way back to tutor bases for a recap and review, and the winners of various competitions will be announced

YOU MUST THUMB INTO FORM AT 15:00 - if not, you will be marked as UA for the day

There will  be many activities going on throughout the day, and you will be given a timetable during the assembly outlining what's going on and when. These timetables have also been given to your form tutor to relay to you before Tuesday.

If you want to take part in University Challenge, get your team together and put your team name in at the ASC Point, if you just turn up on the day, you won't be allowed to participate.

Make sure to follow @AQStudents and use the hashtag #AquinasDay, as more details will be posted nearer the time.


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