Saturday, 31 August 2013

Welcome Back!

Take Me Out was a huge success last year!

We hope you've all had a great Summer holiday, but alas; it's almost over. College starts again on the 5th, (4th for new students) and while it's no Reading and Leeds, we do have some great events planned for the new term!

The Talent Show

Every year, your Student Council hosts an open talent show showcasing the very best the college has to offer, from musicians to comedians, dancers and poets, the best will be voted for by our panel, and the winner will receive a cash prize, so get polishing your acts!
The talent show will be held in the weeks after Red or Black, and all the proceeds will go towards this year's Leavers' Ball, so get your ticket reserved early!

Red or Black

An entirely new event, Red or Black is starting in September this year, and will run over 4 1/2 weeks, costing just £1 for the whole run! Based on the TV show, it will feature four rounds, during which you will vote either Red or Black, representing one side of a competition, and whoever votes right goes through to the next round, and after the fourth round, the few who remain will go through to a live event in the 5th week, hosted by Andy Bailey, where the final few will be whittled down to the last one, who will receive all of the money raised from the entry price! And the proceeds from the ticket sales for the live show will go straight towards the Leavers' Ball next May!

Aquinas Day

This year, we were so #AquinasProud of everyone who helped out at Aquinas Day in February, it was a great day and we raised a whole heap of money for Hannah Booth, and we're hoping to raise even more this year, if you want to get involved with a stall or idea, Aquinas Day is made by the students, so email us with anything you want to do at, and we'll see what we can do about helping you get started!

Take Me Out

This February, we hosted Take Me Out; a huge success, it raised over £500, and we've had so many requests from students to do it again, that we are! Next February, we're taking over Cupids job and fixing up six volunteer guys from the student body with six (hopefully!) lucky girls, in the Lecture Theatre, live in front of you guys! Last year we may have had a few technical difficulties, but we've got them all straightened out, so that means this year, we WILL have video interviews with friends and family, that the guys have never seen before! A night of laughs and hopefully love, this is definitely an event not to miss!

Leavers' Ball

Last year's Leavers' Ball was spectacular, and we aim to make this year's even better! Your Student Council is already scouting around for the best place to host the biggest event of the year, and the year hasn't even started yet! Last year was the biggest event ever, with 479 guests in attendance. every year, the council takes on board what went well and endeavours to make the following year bigger and even more successful if possible. We look forward to updating you all with this year's Leavers' Ball details as soon as possible.

Watch this space for more details as they become available, as well as more events, competitions and everything else, and have a great year, on us!