Thursday, 12 July 2012

End of term BBQ, the report

Students from Aquinas College took a break from UCAS day and enjoyed a very special BBQ lunch courtesy of the Student Council.

Students from the Student Council, which has had one of its most successful years in history, hosted a BBQ in the canteen under the shining sun to give thanks to students and staff for all their hard work during the year. Staff and students were offered free burgers, sausages and kebabs all funded by the Student Council. Under the high-flying British bunting students also enjoyed music and saying thanks and goodbyes to friends and teachers for the summer.
The BBQ was just one of the many events which has made the 2011/2012 year a very special one for the Student Council. As well as a flashy new logo and branding; the Student Council managed to entertain fellow students with record breaking events, such as open mic night in March; the popular talent show in October; coffee and carols morning in December; and the ever popular Take Me Out in May! The Student Council also put effort into bringing back a tradition to the college in the form of Aquinas Day at the start of the year.
 “It was a fabulous day to add of what has been a great year for the council” Student President Natalia Dawson said “we even plan to make next year bigger and better by hosting a range of events!”.
 The Student Council would also like to congratulate Tad Davidson, former Vice President for his work with the Student Council and would like to wish him success in his new position at the Halle College for Music. We look forward to see his progress and as such welcome new Vice President Scott Thomas to take his role with the same dedication and enthusiasm.
We’ll finish this report by finally thanking the people who matter to us - Aquinas students. We are driven by fellow students and focus on the representational needs of students. So, we congratulate you all in what has been a spectacular year, and wish them the best during what will surely be a summer to remember.

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